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Bus Passengers


                                   A Little Courtesy Goes a Long Way.

Life is better when we exercise patience and respect for one another. When riding LMTA, we ask that you adhere to the following rules/expectations:

  • Correct change only. Any change will be given in LMTA Tokens.

  • TIME CALLS: You may have to be picked up 10 minutes earlier or may have to wait an additional 10 minutes.

  • Pay as you enter. NO FARE, NO RIDE.

  • Maximum waiting times for passenger to show for their ride is one minute. Remember that someone else is waiting for the bus too!

  • No ride will be given with a no show fare not paid (a no show is defined as a failure to show up by the scheduled pickup time or to cancel a ride before the bus pulls up for the pickup).

  • Expect up to a 45 minute wait during peak hours or in extreme weather conditions.

  • No shirt, no shoes, no service.

  • No smoking, drinking, eating, use of profanity, fuel, explosives, weapons, illegal drugs, or bicycles on the bus.

  • No use of sound-producing devices without the use of headphones.

  • LMTA drivers are prohibited from entering private drives and leaving their buses.

  • Disabled persons needing assistance are allowed to have one aide or assistant ride along with them at no charge.

  • We ask that only a reasonable number of packages be brought on the bus and passengers must be able to handle their packages themselves.

  • The bus may make several stops enroute, so plan a slightly longer ride that you would expect by car.

Follow the Rules or Risk Expulsion and/or Suspension

If you violate these rules or other federal, state, or local laws on LMTA property, LMTA personnel and partner agencies are authorized to evict you from the bus/property and/or ban you from riding and/or allowed on LMTA property for a specific period of time. You may receive verbal notice or written notice of suspension or expulsion from LMTA personnel or its partner agencies. Failure to comply with either may subject you to loss of riding privileges, arrest, and/or prosecution for criminal trespass. You have the right to review or appeal a suspension or expulsion.

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